10 Signs That Your Ex is Missing You and Wants You Back

Have you ever wondered why so many people breakup, yet a month or two later, these same people are spotted in a certain restaurant laughing and chatting like nothing happened? If you want him or her back then this article will help you understand the signs your ex wants you back.

You can call it “mystery of love”, but personally I call it “wonders of love”. Love between a man and a woman is something none of us fully understand. It can make us happy one second and can break us apart the next.

A girl can cry all night over a breakup and a man can drown his anger on beers, over a breakup, but a couple weeks or months later they are head over heels pursuing the other person like never before. Why is this?

10 Signs Your Ex Misses You

  1. They call and text you for no reason mostly to ‘check’ on you.
  2. They invisibly become among your top social media stalkers. They want to know and understand how your life is faring after your breakup. Are you moving on or not? It yes with who? Do they have a chance? Do you still feel something for them or miss them based on your posts? Comments?
  3. You bump on each other in places you hanged out before the breakup mostly your favorite places. Your ex will do this intentionally hoping to see you and talk to you.
  4. Send you flowers or other gifts to apologize to reconnect back with you.
  5. They can’t seem to move on. Mostly his/her friends will let you know. Though they will fake and mask it but you will know based on their behavior around you. If they constantly flirt with you then they probably miss you and haven’t moved on.
  6. They blatantly tell you they miss you and they are sorry.
  7. They constantly call, email or text you reminding you about how wonderful your relationship was. This is a sign that he/she wants to ignite those old sparks again.
  8. If you see signs of jealousy then it could mean he/she is not over you. This is especially true if you are flirting with someone else.
  9. If your ex keeps sharing his life with you or he/she is completely interested in what you do in your life it could mean they still want to be part of your life.
  10. If their social media updates blatantly show you how miserable they are without you. Such as “am finding it hard to live without you”. You will know he/she misses and wants you back.

So, How Can You Know If These Signs are Valid?

signs your ex wants you backIt’s sometimes hard to read someones feelings, especially after a painful breakup. Breakups that involved hurtful things being said, or cheating, can make it harder to understand if the above signs are valid or not; as opposed to just minor misunderstandings that lead to a breakup.

That’s why you need to be careful with your judgement. One of the best ways to understand if their motives/intentions are pure is to;

  • Observe their behavior towards you. Does it look like they are mocking you? Or do they want to get you in bed with them?
  • Are they sincere when they say sorry? How humble or how down to earth is their apology? A genuine apology is worth more than a million gifts.

Understanding the validity of these signs is vital. Your ex can stalk you all they want and call you all they want, but if their intentions and motives are pure you could have a very good chance of starting over with them.

Genuine behavior and effort to reconnect with you are definite signs your ex still loves you.

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What Else Should You Look Out For?

The above signs are pretty good indications your ex boyfriend, or ex girlfriend, want you back. However, there are some signs that things have gone a bit too far. Look out for:

  • Excessive jealousy that leads to violence. This is a problem and it could ruin your happiness and freedom as an individual. 
  • When they start threatening you or if their stalking behavior becomes more than a problem in your life. 
  • Any violent behavior. If a relationship ended in violence mending fences can be tough. Seeking help from professionals can be a good thing than falling trap to a repetitive cycle. It doesn’t matter how alluring winning you over can be as far as the signs are concerned, seek help.

If any of the above happen then cut ties, completely, and move on.

Hopefully you won’t have to get the police involved. Love can make people do some crazy things…


In short, love is a beautiful thing. The only thing that separates true love, from fake love, is respect.

All relationships have ups and downs and is a big reason why people breakup and makeup each day. The only person who will determine a healthy relationship is you.

Judge your relationship based on how you treated each other before the breakup and if you still have feelings for the other person, there is nothing wrong in forgiving them if their apology is sincere.

However, follow your gut in determining if a relationship is worth saving or not. If you determine it is The Ex Recovery System can help.

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