The Ex Recovery System Review – Does It Really Work?

Have you recently lost your girlfriend or boyfriend? Do you still love him or her? Would you give anything to get them back? If so, all you need is the Ex Recovery System by Ashley Kay. But what is it?

What makes it different from the many Get Your Ex Back products out there? And does it work?

For the answers to these questions, read our comprehensive, no-holds-barred review below:

                                         What is The Ex Recovery System?

book cover of the ex recovery systemIt is a finely detailed interactive blow-by-blow system put together by Ashley Kay to help you get back together with your ex successfully. The product is in the form of a 130-page e-book of top-class content and discusses just about every view about how to reverse the breakup with your ex.

Perhaps the best thing with this program is that provides different tactics for the users to pick from. Therefore, it’s not a one-size-fits-all book. It allows users to choose the best tactics depending on their circumstances.

Another great thing about this program is how it is interactive. It uses several quizzes, action procedures and a set of exercises which are meant to help you quickly.

At the same time, it has several training video instructions and guides that are all geared towards helping you get back with your ex as soon as is practical.


Where Did this Program Come From?

This book and system is authored by Ashley Kay, a seasoned relationship expert who understands the pains that come with losing the person you love. The book is the culmination of many years of research on couples who had broken up.

Ashley herself went through a relationship breakup, and that’s what motivated her to write this book to help others like you.

Who is This Program For?

If you have recently broken up with your ex and you would like to get back with them, you should go through this program.

It provides a detailed step-by-step guide on how you can gradually win back your ex and start your commitment anew.

How Does the System Work?

It is divided into 3 parts, as explained below:

Section 1: Understand and Analyze

In this section, Ashley teaches you to understand the cause of your breakup. She believes that the first thing to do to get your ex back is to understand the “why” part of what went wrong. Kay does a brilliant job of explaining the workings of the female and male minds.

Section 2: Keeping Your Feelings and Emotions in Control

This section offers helpful tips on how to cope with losing your boyfriend or girlfriend. Ashley understands the emotional pain that comes with losing a loved one and suggests ways to reign in on your emotions, especially if you want to get back with your ex again. She reminds you to focus on the main goal, which is getting them back.

One of the key areas of this section is the “Limited Contact” or “No Contact” rule. She forbids you from contacting your ex until you are able to control your emotions. She even provides a set of questions to enable you know when you are emotionally ready to make contact again.

At minimum you can plan on having NO or Limited Contact for 30 days.

Section 3: The Plan

This is actually the meat of the program. Ashley gives you the exact steps that you need to follow in getting your lover back.

She walks you over the different aspects that you need to address in order to re-establish contact with your ex lover, rekindle the fire of love, put your hurt away and begin a new journey in love.

It is a detailed step that covers two whole chapters, and addresses issues like:

• When it is appropriate to make contact with your ex again
• Preparing to get them back
• Showing him or her you have changed
• Dealing with your ex’s new relationship
• How to eventually get your ex back and begin a new relationship

Ashley states clearly that there is a huge difference between getting your ex back and attracting somebody new. In order to win them back, you will have to use the re-attraction principle. To do this, you need to initiate change so as to capture their attention again.

Does it really work?

Does this program work?You need to remember that this is a system. Inasmuch as you may want to get back with your former lover even tomorrow, things may not work as fast. It will take you time and effort to achieve your target. On average, it takes 30 days for the program to work.

Ashley is clear that this is not some kind of a magic bullet. It will not work overnight. In addition, it needs persistence and following the instructions as outlined in the eBook. The program doesn’t skimp on any details and clearly tells you what you need to achieve in every step.

What are people saying about it?

Real customers who have bought the product have nothing but kind words about the program. Here is a sample of the views of verified users of the program.

Faith Matete, Louisville

“A friend introduced me to the Ex Recovery System after I broke up with my boyfriend. Having used a similar product, I was a bit sceptical of its effectiveness. However, after I tried it, I was much happier. I followed the steps and I managed to win back my boyfriend after roughly one month. I recommend Ashley Kay’s product.”

James Ward, Kentucky

“I don’t usually have much faith about online relationship products, but something urged me to try this. It worked pretty well for me as I was able to snatch my ex from the clutches of her new boyfriend.”

Where Can you Buy This System?

The program is available exclusively on product website,

The whole package costs $39

Does it Have a Money-Back Guarantee?

Ashley Kay knows that some of her customers may doubt her product, especially those that have used similar products before without success.

This is why she provides a 60-day money-back guarantee. It means you have 60 days to use this program completely risk-free.

Our Final Thoughts

Given the many reviews of the product, we believe it works. Many people who have bought it swear it helped them, and we don’t see any reason why it should not help you as well.

If you seriously want to win back your ex and build a rock solid and healthy relationship, I strongly suggest you try the system.

The price is worth paying to get that special person back in your life.

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